Alan Dempsey

Craft Malting and Brewing Manager

As Craft Malting and Brewing Manager, Alan’s the man in charge of keeping smiles on the faces of our customers. With 14 years’ brewing experience under his belt, a 2nd generation Master Brewer and winner of the JS Hough Award in 2013, he knows just about everything there is to know about brewing…and then some. If you are a customer of Minch Malt and are suffering from one those brewhouse niggles or just looking for some brewing advice then feel free to get in touch.

Like everyone at Minch Malt, Alan is extremely passionate about malt. He loves meeting new people and sharing his extensive brewing knowledge with just about anyone who will listen. Ale malt is his favourite because, as he puts it, “it makes up for more than 80% of the grist of most Irish craft beers and is so underrated!”. Porters and ales are his go to styles of beer but when the occasion calls for a whiskey, make sure it’s Irish, thanks very much.